About Us

Why we do what we do?

Innovation has existed since the beginning of time. Rolling rock to cross-continental drives, flying bird to flying across the oceans. We, as the world’s people, never stopped innovation.

According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (“UNCTAD”) Technology and Innovation Report, there are thousands of innovations that were introduced to the world in a year.

20% of these innovations are deemed the most vital to address our current and future problems, yet less than 1% are recognized by the people with power and resources to implement and less than 0.1% are actually implemented

Our Mission

To let innovation be heard and applied according to its most basic objective: impact to address current and future problems

We assure

our objectives are achieved: innovation applied to address world issues, while upholding our vision of all parties by attaining a win-win situation

We utilize

robust network around the globe to harmonize the innovation to the best available partners to venture successfully

We search

for the most innovative technologies that has potential to positively impact our society, but lacking the resource & knowledge to introduce to the world

Our Value-add

The Challenges

So why do these vital technologies go unnoticed?

Unclear strategy to plan & execute
Lack of essential networks to drive forward
Weak pitches to potential investors
Limited creative ideas on its potential

Our Strategy

The Strategy

We assess the problem, brainstorm new ideas, and plan our approach


The Search

We dig every hole; we search for the needle in the haystack


The Partnership

We utilize our extensive and exclusive network to find the right partners


The Delivery

We find that needle and deliver the intended result for all partners involved in the venture